Looker Teams-Up with IBM to Develop New Blocks Suite

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 30, 2016

SANTA CRUZ, CA: Data analytics firm, Looker has partnered with IBM Cloud to introduce a new set of Looker Blocks– templatized analytical design patterns built to deal with the data needs of companies, in any industry. The new suite will leverage IBM's Cloud Data Services thereby enabling firms to customize and simplify data analysis. The suite will also help transfer the data inside IBM’s cloud data warehouse, the dashDB, via the Simple Data Pipe app, so as to facilitate faster analytics capabilities.

"IBM is on the forefront of analytics with their investment in Cloud Data Services and Spark. This alliance will enable connectivity between IBM Cloud Data Services and Looker helping customers quickly deploy a full data platform in days," says Frank Bien, CEO, Looker.

Apart from cloud services, Looker Blocks’ reusable and modular platform offers a comprehensive set of analytics tools for various processes including sales, marketing, customer health, and web analytics. The sales analytic tool gives companies the ability to track and evaluate their sales process while the marketing tool monitors digital marketing performances such as impressions, clicks and social media. The intuitive platform also tracks customer health analysis by measuring support interactions in combination with product engagement. Additionally, the web analytics suite identifies friction points in user experience and offers insights on how people move through the website.

"IBM is committed to providing developers and builders with the right tools for the job," says Derek Schoettle, General Manager, IBM Analytics Platform and Cloud Data Services. "By working with Looker and co-developing projects like Simple Data Pipe, we're delivering on a vision of an open ecosystem where developers can use the tools they want with the support and experience of IBM."