LookingGlass Introduced ScoutPrime, Accompanied by Enhancements for Existing Platforms

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 6, 2016

RESTON, VA: LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, a provider of threat intelligence and dynamic threat defense announced its plan to make its state-of-the-art threat intelligence management platform, called ScoutPrime generally available to global customers. The plan also involves introducing enhancements to their Cyber Threat Center Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) collection platform and LookingGlass Cyveillance Malicious C2 (Command and Control) Machine Readable Threat Intelligence (MRTI) data feed.

“These latest additions ensure our customers stay ahead of the rapidly changing threat landscape targeting their organizations and the companies they do business with,” says Chris Coleman, CEO, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions.

With this release, LookingGlass sets new standards in security, revolutionizing the manner analysts and security operators interpret threats targeting their organizations, supply chains, and industries. ScoutPrime adds visual intuition and unlimited configurability for the user to customize threat critically in order to cope with organizational risk tolerance. LookingGlass technology enables organizations with multiple levels of security sophistication to prevent, detect, and respond to prioritized, relevant cyber and physical threats.

Context can be immediately applied to the largest collection of proprietary and third party threat data available in a single product using the configurable Threat Indicator Confidence scoring. This is the only Internet intelligence-based foundation available in a threat intelligence platform, which helps to establish relevancy and actionable intelligence. Apart from delivering transforms for visualization and asynchronous alerting, new and emerging risks faced by organizations are significantly reduced as ScoutPrime addresses threat intelligence.

The updates to the Cyber Threat Center OSINT tasking and collection platform and to its LookingGlass Cyveillance Malicious C2 data feed include:

LookingGlass Cyber Threat Center: This update introduces a case management enhancement allowing users to add custom tags for items identified through LookingGlass’ Machine Readable Threat Intelligence. Additionally, it combines the ability for administrators to enable two-factor authentication on user accounts. With these, users can enrich the intelligence to be compatible with the internal processes.

LookingGlass Cyveillance Malicious C2 (Command and Control) MRTI data feed: Support for OpenTPX and increase in frequency of updates to domains associated with active malicious C2 servers is now possible with the latest update. Furthermore, support for Internationalized

Domain Names and additional metadata on the botnet, variant, category, and criticality score are made available in the daily updates.