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LoomieLive Introduces Lip-syncing Avatars into Zoom via Zapps

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 20, 2020 announces the introduction of 3D avatars and interactive 3D environments with Zapp.

FREMONT, CA: Today, announces that it introduces 3D avatars and interactive 3D environments with Zapp, an in-app integration on Zoom. LoomieLive is a 3D avatar platform that changes voice and video to real-time animation. It replaces the user's video stream with a 3D avatar and 3D environment, mirroring the user's head movement, facial expressions, and lip-sync. Now Zoom users are clicks away from attending calls with an active digital presence as well as enhanced privacy.

"LoomieLive lets Zoom callers attend meetings with their customized avatar, having fun while simultaneously maintaining caller privacy," says Ross Mayfield, Zoom Product Lead, and Integrations. "Loomielive is a great visual way for callers to express themselves through a digital identity."

By using Zoom's new Zapps feature, LoomieLive has greater discoverability and easier access to avatar creation and real-time interactions during calls. Callers will be able to immediately interact with LoomieLive's critical features within Zoom's interface. These include creating personalized 3D avatars from a single 2D selfie, with millions of options for editing the look and feel of the avatar. Each avatar has an assortment of 3D reactions within calls, such as a "thumbs up" animation, to add non-verbal communication to the call. Besides, LoomieLive provides callers with a choice of environments for their avatars, each with their 3D lighting, or callers can upload their background.

"Today's callers want to control their digital identities - how they are represented on screen," states Mahesh Ramasubramanian, CEO/co-founder of "The Zapps integration allows LoomieLive users to interact with their avatars right within a Zoom meeting, which is an absolute game changer."

Zapps, or Zoom Apps, allows third-party developers to develop and distribute apps that enrich the Zoom experience and improves the meeting workflow to increase productivity before, during, and after a meeting.