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LoomieLive Pro to Enable Users to Express Themselves Through Avatar

By CIOReview | Monday, September 28, 2020 is launching a new facial tracking and AR capabilities to its LoomieLive desktop app.

FREMONT, CA: is introducing a new facial tracking and AR capabilities to its LoomieLive desktop app, which brings a customized talking avatars and 3D environments for Zoom and other video conferencing services. The new LoomieLive Pro version provides the privacy of voice with the existence of the video.

"There's been a massive growth in using video for communication - both synchronous video calls and asynchronous video recordings. But despite the massive growth, often people don't want to be on camera," said Mahesh Ramasubramanian, CEO/co-founder of "Some are camera-shy, while others are fatigued, and many others simply don't want their colleagues/classmates to see their 'home office.' And when we do want to be on camera, there are times that we want to choose how we are expressed. Perhaps you would like a quick makeover and appear with a different hairstyle or outfit. Or maybe your company prefers a consistent branded presence for all of their video tutorials. LoomieLive Pro can help."

LoomieLive Pro presents the three real-time tracking modes to bring the talking avatars in a video call: Voice, Video, and AR. The Voice mode evaluates the user's audio and creates a lip-syncing animation on the avatar's lips. The Video mode monitors the user's facial expressions from a webcam in order to animate the avatar's entire face and upper body movement. Both Voice and Video modes present the user with an array of immersive 3D environment options. The AR mode superimposes the avatar face on live video, enabling the users to combine real backgrounds with expressive avatars in social calls creatively.

Another differentiating component of LoomieLive Pro is the power to develop personalized avatars that have a distinct 'Loomie' style, which retains the user's likeness while allowing extensive customizations and highly expressive facial emotions.'s proprietary powers both avatar personalization and real-time facial and voice tracking AI deep learning algorithms.