Low-Power Embedded Systems Gets a Facelift with Imaging and Vision IP CEVA-XM4

By CIOReview | Friday, March 6, 2015

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: Smartphones, tablets, automotive safety and infotainment, robotics, security and surveillance, augmented reality, drones, and signage are pushing the integration of human-like vision processing in embedded systems. Responding to this ongoing trend, CEVA, semiconductor IP company unveils the fourth-generation imaging and vision processor IP titled as CEVA-XM4.

Successor of the CEVA-MM3101, the CEVA-XM4 comes with advanced components necessary to solve the critical challenges while implementing energy-efficient human-like vision and visual perception capabilities in embedded systems.

CEVA answers the core challenges like limited space and power resources of embedded technology with the incorporated programmable wide-vector architecture, fixed- and floating-point processing, multiple simultaneous scalar units, and a vision-oriented low-power instruction set. As a result, the CEVA-XM4 achieves up to 8x performance improvement with 35 percent greater energy efficiency, compared to the CEVA-MM3101.

The latest CEVA-XM4 supports real-time 3D depth map generation, point cloud processing for 3D scanning and analysis of scene information using the most processing-intensive object detection and recognition algorithms, ranging from ORB, Haar, and LBP. The architecture also features a number of unique mechanisms, such as parallel random memory access and a patented two-dimension data processing scheme. These enable 4096-bit processing -- in a single cycle -- while keeping the memory bandwidth under 512bits for optimum energy efficiency.

CEVA-XM4 core is capable of completing a typical 'object detection and tracking' use-case scenario while consuming approximately 10 percent of the power and requiring approximately 5 percent of the die area. It also supports a wide range of computational photography algorithms that enhance the video or image, including refocus, background replacement, zoom, super-resolution, image stabilization, noise reduction and improved low-light capabilities.

“CEVA-XM4 builds on our extensive experience in imaging and vision achieved through working with more than a dozen CEVA-MM3101 licensees and 30 partners across a wide range of end markets, from smartphones and tablets through to surveillance and ADAS. The performance per mW and performance per mm(2) of CEVA-XM4 significantly exceed those of any other computer vision solution in the market, including leading GPU-based solutions," states Gideon Wertheizer, CEO of CEVA.