Lucena Research Clubs with TrendPointers for Predictive Macro Trend Analysis

By CIOReview | Monday, September 14, 2015

ATLANTA, GA: Big-data analytics and decision support technology providers in the investment arena, Lucena Research enunciates its partnership with macroeconomic data and insights provider Trendpointers.  Benefitting from this association is Lucena’s fore runner in analytics product QuantDesk, which will be enabled with Trendpointers’ market sentiment data.

Rich Spitzer, Trendpointers CEO gives insights about the current market and the influence of data analytics on the same, quoting “Today’s market environment is dominated by the 24/7 flow of information that influences the economic behavior of consumers, businesses and the financial markets. Macro Sentiment Analytics were designed to capture the full range of contemporaneous information and calculate the trajectories of likely influences on market behavior with directional leading indicators and market signals.”

Lucensa’s QuantDesk is brought into use by a number of portfolio managers and investment professionals for validating and predicting the alpha from a growing array of independent sources dealing in Big Data. This platform aids its users, in incorporating validated data sets for research and formation of investment strategies, owing to its open nature. The data collected via Trendpointers will be subjected and utilized at Lucena’s Price Forecaster and Event Signal Analysis. It empowers its users to engage portfolio construction, portfolio optimization and hedging by combining predictive analytics and human insights. Users can also form what-if scenarios and utilize Lucena’s machine-learning engine to validate, recommend enhancement s and backtest for achieving the highest statistically relevant scenarios.

Spitzer also points out, “Good data needs an equally good platform for analysis and delivery, which we have found with Lucena. Lucena’s advanced analytic options enable users to test how top-down macro influences can be used to identify the optimal strategies for bottom-up asset selection. The collaboration with Lucena will offer many opportunities to expand macro-based analytics to help manage the increasingly volatile and uncertain markets.”