Lufthansa to Leverage Big Data in Developing New Business Models

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 22, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Lufthansa Industry Solutions, a process consulting and system integration solutions provider, announces data insight lab for developing new business models powered by Big Data.

Lack of resources and skills to extract benefits has driven Lufthansa to tap the potential of Big Data by setting up its own data insight lab. The lab is dedicated to analyze companies’ relevant data to lay a foundation for making success driven decisions. It comprises of experts in data science and data architecture to maximize the value obtained from structuring and analyzing data.

Bernd Appel, Managing Director of Lufthansa Industry Solutions asserts the company offers implementation and supervision of data analytics solutions apart from independent analysis and consulting. Specialists at the lab will work together with the customers to gain insights of a specific problem, analyze available data and identify patterns.

Big Data and mobility in light motor vehicle segment

Analyzing driving behavior by extracting data from vehicle’s diagnostic interface, GPS data and current traffic data, Lufthansa’s ‘Route-n-fuel’ app advices drivers regarding cheapest fuel refilling stations en route on the user’s smartphone or tablet. The cloud-based application calculates feasible longer alternative routes with cheaper filling stations.

The company’s predictive maintenance solution offering enables customers to mitigate unexpected breakdowns by timely replacements of machine and machine parts. Experts utilize data analytics to compile trend analyses to enable companies’ support and service departments to predict customer inquiries and complaints.

BI, Data science and Data analytics

Aerospace and logistics experience has benefited Lufthansa Industry Solutions in other projects, including a project to optimize the docking of ships, developing and implementing a new IT system for the Hamburg port railway.

“With our Data Insight Lab and the specialists working there, we can provide the entire range of expertise in business analytics, data science and data architecture,” says Bernd Appel.