LumenX Programmer Combines Supreme Performance and Reasonable Cost

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 18, 2015

REDMOND, WA: Data I/O Corporation, a provider of advanced semiconductor programming solutions announces the release of the LumenX programming platform, optimized for the latest eMMC 4.41 to 5.1 devices available in PSV7000 automated system and manual configurations.

Data I/O provides IP management solutions for flash, flash-memory based intelligent devices and microcontrollers. It takes care that all the algorithms are developed and tested adhering eMMC JEDEC standards and to meet the specifications of semiconductor manufacturers like Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, Micron, SK Hynix and Toshiba.

"The LumenX programming architecture easily keeps up with changing device technology and growing file sizes. In combination with the PSV7000 automated system, LumenX programmers deliver revolutionary performance, best in class security and unrivaled value," says Anthony Ambrose, President and CEO, Data I/O.

The platform delivers programming speeds up to 80 mbps while download speeds of 25 mbps contributing to high performance; and sustains cache memory up to 64GB. LumenX takes the credit of being 5 times faster than the current programming and duplicating technology, and eliminates the associated security risks.

Data Integrity from job creation through production is ensured with the LumenX Data Management Software Suite. The suite includes Job Creator module that packs and secures the programming job, parameters, image files and algorithm together. It also validates the checksum ensuring if the file is legitimate for production. Another module, Job Runner, checks if the programming jobs are corruption-free and allows operators to view the job restricting any modification.

Also, a suite of Traceability Software Applications along with fiber laser marking and 3D co-planarity component inspection answers the requirements of automotive electronics applications. Furthermore, personalized algorithms reduce complexity and human errors.

LumenX is designed to support 8 sockets per programmer and up to 14 programmers in each PSV7000, maximizing socket capacity and programming density, while keeping the cost of programming in check. The PSV7000 is capable of handling both FlashCORE III and LumenX programmers that is installed concurrently. The investments of current PSV7000 customers are reserved as they can upgrade their systems to add LumenX along with their current technology. The PSV7000 with LumenX offers ultra-fast read/write operations on single system, which requires multiple systems with the previous technology, reducing the total cost of programming by 75 percent.