Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota Goes DataCore to Solve Storage Issues

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 18, 2016
George Teixeira, President and CEO, Co-founder, DataCore Software

George Teixeira, President and CEO, Co-founder, DataCore Software

FREMONT, CA: Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, a non-profit organization responding to changing needs of Minnesota’s citizens has selected DataCore SANsymphony to address its storage and broader data infrastructure issues. Florida based DataCore Software is a leader in software-defined storage and adaptive parallel I/O software specializing in storage virtualization, storage management and storage networking.

DataCore was selected owing to its robustness and performance in managing storage. This purchase will allow the non-profit the liberty to use storage hardware irrespective of the brand, a much sought benefit among non-profits.   

Prior to this purchase the non-profit faced problems of failover and high availability when the previous infrastructure failed to seamlessly failover without trouble from the VM, resulting in corrupted VMs. Another issue was a VM taking up all the allocated space from the SAN when an administrator allocated storage to that VM.

Post SANsymphony’s deployment failover issues has been resolved and simplified. Since, DataCore keeps real-time statistics on the actual storage used by a VM, the non-profit can now address storage more effectively. The real-time statistics also mean that the organization can now track and troubleshoot VMs that use too much I/O, much easily.

“My favorite feature of DataCore is the auto tiering. I can just assign the storage to different tiers, and over time, DataCore calculates the hot vs. cold data, and moves them to the appropriate disks. With the UI you can see the hot and cold blocks of storage in real-time. This helped me to show management that about 90% of our data is cold, so we can get away from buying SSDs and start buying less expensive disks. We have SQL, Exchange, VDI, and file servers all running on the same DataCore nodes, which was not possible with our other storage hardware”, explained Jeff Rogers, system administrator, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota.