Lynx Software Technologies Exhibit their Real time Security Solutions at ARM TechCon

By CIOReview | Monday, November 30, 2015

SANTA CLARA, CA: Lynx Software Technologies is bringing forth its security solutions at the ARM TechCon in order to display security functionality with open standards.

Lynx Software Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) are based on open standards and are suitable for the communications, aerospace, medical and consumer industries. Lynx software has introduced the 7th generation of its LynxOS RTOS that supports Linux, Solaris or Unix applications which can be ported with a simple re compile. In addition, it has been migrated to the ARM Cortex- processor cores based on RISC (reduced instruction set computer). It offers reliability, safety, and security of RTOS to the developers of embedded applications. It supports Intel and PowerPC architectures consisting of Intel 4th Generation core and Freescale QorlQ processors.

At the ARM TechCon, Lynx will demonstrate the benefits of integration between LynxOS RTOS and LynxSecure hypervisor- a Kernel hypervisor that provides secure virtualization through protection of hardware resources from unauthorized access. The benefits consist of built in security through isolation of network domains for connected things as well as infrastructure that is connected.

"The next generation of connected embedded systems being designed using ARM-based processors will be controlling critical infrastructure. We believe the industry-leading security technology in both our LynxOS 7.0 and LynxSecure products will offer a major leap for ARM-based developers, allowing them to design the most secure connected systems without sacrificing power, performance and functionality," says Robert Day, VP, Sales and Marketing, Lynx Software Technologies.