Lytho Introduces Creative Workflow Software To The Europian Market
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Lytho Introduces Creative Workflow Software To The Europian Market

By CIOReview | Monday, July 4, 2022

Creative workflow software will help streamline and simplify work for creative personnel.

FREMONT, CA: “As European companies have begun shifting more creative work to in-house agencies, the volume and complexity of work requested of creative teams has grown while deadlines have shrunk and human resources remain flat,” said Lytho CEO Douglas Thede. “When we ask creatives working in the space, they’ll readily admit their environment is hectic and exhausting – creative workflow helps tame the chaos.”

Lytho, the brand, and creative operations platform, unveiled its creative workflow software in Europe. The software will develop order and adaptability into creative lifecycle. Lytho creative workflow is designed uniquely according to the needs of the creative and brand team. Lytho’s digital asset management software is popular in the Netherlands. Its creative workflow software has a proven track record in the U.S. Lythos’s reliable clients are in the retail, higher education, consumer packaged goods, insurance, and the sports team.

Some critical features of the creative workflow software are as follows,

Creative project management: creative workflow software provides tools to organize and manage projects systematically. The tools include automated templates, assigning work, and adjusting schedules. The software also has the feature of sending in-app and email notifications.

Streamlined review and approvals: Lytho concentrates on the feedback process by automatically routing the reviews to the customer, ensuring that its approval path I through the right viewer.

Facilitate creative briefs and project details: Lythos provides a dynamic creative request form developed after vast years of experience.

Lytho is successfully facing market challenges. Creative workflow software will help provide more significant support to the creative teams behind any successful brand.