M2M Spectrum Networks Develops Network Communication without Cellular or Wi-Fi Connection

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 16, 2014

FREMONT, CA: M2M Spectrum Networks, a provider of wireless solutions, has developed a concept of machine-to-machine communication network that enables a variety of electronic devices–Radio Frequency Identifier for instance–to send data to a server without requiring a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. The company is collaborating with GlobeRanger, a provider of RFID software, to implement the concept, reports RFID Journal.

For example, the utility industries can use the radio signals to communicate with the server that controls the utility infrastructure via onsite computer instead of cellular network. Ethernet is used to connect onsite computer to the cognitive radio. To make this happen, M2M Spectrum Networks is implementing GlobeRanger’s iMotion Edgeware platform to link their network with the RFID data. The setup is being built in Jacksonville, FL, and it is expected to be ready for trial by June 2014.

The company deploys three different sized radios that transmit and receive data via 800, 900 or 200 MHZ signals. Data is obtained from a variety of devices such as RFID that exclusively uses GlobeRanger’s software. There can be devices using different technologies such as 2G that connects the data to the M2M network.

Largest version of the cognitive radio behaves as M2M network’s gateway by receiving signals from other two radios and forwarding that information to servers via internet. The gateway radio can be installed on cell towers, whereas midsize cognitive radio can be installed within a building, post, or utility pole outdoors. The smallest radio can be connected to an RFID reader, or a phone or computer that collects RFID data from that device via GlobeRanger's iMotion middleware. The three types of radios are arranged in a mesh network so that the data can reach gateway device via other radios.

Application Programming Interfacesand Software Ddevelopment Kits may be made available by GlobeRanger so that developers can build their configurations. The CEO of M2M Networks believes that their communication solution may be used ubiquitously as a part of the M2M management of things, as the CEO of the puts it.