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Machine Learning and BI are different with just a little Connection

By CIOReview | Friday, January 12, 2018

Machine learning algorithms are increasingly getting embedded in today's analytics applications and BI is grabbing headlines. Machine Learning relies on automation and analytical algorithms. It detects patterns and derives insight from data thereby achieving specific goals.

Machine learning is the field of computer science that empowers c computers to use of computing resources that have the ability to learn without being programmed externally. The computers acquire and apply knowledge and skills and helps ion maximize the chance of success in any challenging situation. In other words we can also say that Machine learning is a cognitive system and has the potential, ability to learn from several interactions, delivering evidence-based answers to a problem. Machine learning impacts business positively and mostly satisfies three prerequisites; they are access to data, business/domain knowledge, and an understanding of that data.  Previously Machine Learning was being used by organizations with large analytical teams but now things have changed and it is impacting everyday analytical programs and is being used to achieve analytical goals. BI intelligence refers to the generation of reports that may involve tools like Cognos or Business Objects. These tools can handle huge data volumes in an optimal way. They also generate dynamic reports.  These reports are scrutinized by Senior Directors or VPs of an enterprise and   they thus assess the performance of the Company.  Thus in business scenarios ML and BI are related to each other and BI can be a data source for machine learning.

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