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Machine Learning: Automating Businesses for the Future

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 23, 2020

 Predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning enhances the consumer-centric services and has changed the ways different business activities are performed.

Fremont, CA: The days when the companies performed all their activities manually, which resulted in low production rates are gone. To fulfill the increasing demand of the industry, machines are enhancing the power of the organization to build or destroy the ability to compete in the near future. Machine learning is changing the world, and as a vital subset of artificial intelligence (AI), it helps the computers to act and learn on their own, without being explicitly programmed, with the utilization of data and experience instead of being explicitly programmed. Few of AI’s popular applications include self-driving cars, virtual personal assistants like Siri and Alexa, and Netflix recommendations.

Top Predictive Analytics Solution CompaniesThe most immediate way by which businesses utilize machine learning is for bettering their competitiveness by automating back-office processes. The majority of which is high volume and rule-based, which can seamlessly operate on a “lights out” basis, allowing the employees to achieve strategic company objectives by freeing up their time.

Several companies are delegating various mundane tasks to computers by capturing data from optically-read or web-based forms to processing orders. Computer-to-computer engagements, like IT, finance, and accounting, are like the bi-products of AI. AI monitors the existing processes and learns to identify various situations, and can substantially increase the number of invoices that can be matched automatically.

Human resources (HR) and talent acquisition are some areas where AI can have a significant impact on reducing workload, preventing bias, and bettering efficiency. Applications of machine learning lie chatbots can handle multiple routines, repetitive HR tasks such as scheduling interviews, measuring and managing employee engagement streamlining office workflows, identifying knowledge gaps, or opportunities for employee development, to mention a few.

The traditionally wait and see approach is not applicable when it comes down to AI and machine learning, particularly for companies in the competitive industries. Closures of many stores have been noticed because the giants who heavily invest in AI overpowers the ones that don’t. Moreover, ignoring competitors who have robots is not the most significant challenge. All the companies face issues from lagging behind the technology curve.

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