MachineShop Enhances IoT Platform through Vert.x

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 25, 2015

FREMONT, CA: MachineShop, an API-centric IoT platform service provider announces that it has adapted the Vert.x Application Framework, as an enhancement for its API-based IoT platform.

Vert.x is an application platform for the Java Virtual Machine which is built for high volume and scalability. The adoption of Vert.x aims at providing zero latency IoT solutions for the enterprises. The framework will give a notably higher throughput for hundreds of API- based services that work on MachineShop’s platform.

MachineShop can take up a bulk of messages, translate raw data, run rules and trigger events without an agent software or firmware modifications.Vert.x follows a polyglot approach which is the liberty to choose a variety of different programming languages to build apps thus providing flexibility to app developers.

"The light-weight, high performance Vert.x framework allows MachineShop to process ten times the volume of requests that were previously possible with the same number of servers.” says Greg Jones,CTO,MachineShop.