MachineShop Joins Dell IoT Solutions to Bring Intelligence to the Edge

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Michael Campbell, co-founder, president and CEO, MachineShop

Michael Campbell, co-founder, president and CEO, MachineShop

Fremont, CA: MachineShop, the key player in enterprise integration for connected businesses, has revealed their technical alliance with Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program to develop a network of technology providers and domain experts focused on Dell’s IoT-enabling technologies.

MachineShop is an enterprise software company delivering solutions to the IoT needs of the Industrial and Enterprise markets. Founded in 2012, MachineShop takes an API-centric approach to address the enterprise IoT issues. MachineShop comprises of API-based services and tools that can be deployed in both edge and cloud hybrid architectures for integration of connected devices and their data.

By integrating the local and cloud-based solutions offered by MachineShop EDGE, clients of the company will leverage from simplified hardware management and API-based solutions for speeding IT/OT integration. With the help of MachineShop EDGE, clients can conduct data ingestion and device management functions from edge-based gateways and even embedded computers without sending huge bulk of needless data to the cloud. MachineShop’s EDGE services also streamline the configuration/monitoring/management experience for customers.

MachineShop has always been known to be the one key player paying utmost importance of distribution of data intelligence and management of capabilities to the edge of the ecosystem. “Dell is a major advocate of the importance of edge computing, and we look forward to working with them to solve real-world data and systems integration problems,” said MachineShop CEO, Michael Campbell.