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Macmillan Acquires WriterKEY to Streamline Assignment Review

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 12, 2016

HOUSTON, TX: Macmillan Learning, a provider of tailored solutions to facilitate teaching and learning opportunities, has acquired WriterKEY, an online application provider for writing improvement. WriterKey helps instructors with its online application that provides space to check and comment students’ assignments in written and verbal way.

Reading, writing, assessment and revising—are considered as the three core life skills that help students to excel in studies. However, quite often assessing large number of student assignments accurately and in a timely manner becomes troublesome for teachers. Accompanied by robust analytics and feedback loops, WriterKEY accurately shows student’s learning progress. Ken Michaels, CEO, Macmillan Learning believes teaching is most effective when students learn in the context of their own writing. WriterKEY's intelligent solutions strengthen their ongoing commitment to improve student’s lives through learning. While the company aims to improve writing in higher education through e-Learning solutions; the new acquisition is expected to enhance their services in this sector.

WriterKEY’s different writing teaching modules includes writing space to organize assignments, commenting tool, visual dashboard with robust analytics, peer reviewing, and writer workshop. WriterKEY co-founder Doug Silver expressed that most of the teachers have confirmed that with WriterKEY their students got more room for revision and improved their writing skills. In the market of formative feedback and learning solutions, WriterKEY shapes the e-learning sector by partnering with Macmillan Learning and thwarts the competition against companies like KAMM Solutions, Achieve3000, and Tynker. WriterKEY application is compatible with any device like computer, notebook computer, tablet, smart phone with active internet connection.