Macpherson Ties the Knot between Commvault and Pure Storage to Enable Holistic Data Management

By CIOReview | Friday, February 12, 2016

FREMONT, CA: In legal market, it is very crucial that all the technology processes are built in such a way that lawyers and their supporting team become as effective as possible. This can be accomplished through a holistic data management of Macpherson Kelley, a commercial law firm, to ensure all employees have the information they need at their fingertips with minimal or no interruption.

Macpherson Kelley, a hands-on commercial law firm, announced acquiring Commvault’s Data Platform and Pure Storage’s FlashArray to drive protection, speed, and savings for management of the organization's data assets.

Macpherson—accompanying 45 principals, 275 staff and a footprint which extends along the East coast—is expected to deliver a holistic information management scheme with the assurance to access any business related information available anywhere for the firms. At the right time, Machpherson Kelley has deployed Pure Storage’s FlashArray and Commvault on virtualized servers to optimize application performance, data growth, and flexibility needed to respond to future change.

"We work in a highly competitive environment where time is literally money and every six minutes is billed, so it is essential that our systems deliver speed and reliability to support the business. Every minute saved in application performance can mean a spike in revenue," said Matt Purves, National Infrastructure Manager, Machpherson Kelley.

Commvault, a data protection and information management solutions, helps companies worldwide activate their data to drive more value and business insight to transform modern data environments. The company emerged as one of the leading industry in data security, recovery, archive, virtualization, cloud, file sync, and share through their solutions, services, and a worldwide network of partners and service providers. Pure Storage’s FlashArray is a cloud-based management and support platform that has speed and scale—with appliance like simplicity—to transform client’s data center, cloud, or entire business. FlashArray is ideal for accelerating client’s mission-critical applications to unlock speed and increase business agility.

The benefits of the integration will get rid of de-duplication—to deliver 90 percent reduction—in data at the source; optimizes backup times and application performance; and reduce 60 percent of helpdesk requests from technician to strategic enabler. “The integration of Commvault and Pure Storage has driven backups down to under 30 minutes and brought down latency troubles with applications," accounted Marcus Nessel, network administrator, Machpherson Kelley.