Maestro PMS Comes Up with New Technology Solutions for Hospitality Industry

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 10, 2015

TORONTO, CA: Maestro PMS (Property Management System), developer and provider of hospitality solutions will introduce launches a suite of new modules and systems for the hospitality industry in the HITECH 2015 platform.

Enhancing guest services and productivity, Maestro's Housekeeping app, mobile tablet signature capture and curbside check-in, and mobile guest management modules will endow independent operators with simplified operations. Maestro was developed as a hospitality enterprise system that enables comprehensive suite of 20 plus integrated modules sharing a single database.

By facilitating enterprise-wide system on a single image database, the technology integrates suite of products to provide a cohesive solution including the ResWave Booking Engine w/TripConnect. Maestro has also enabled 360 degree guest view at all touch points for personal service, business intelligence, data-mining & targeted marketing.

"Maestro Web is the complete 21-module Maestro system. It is the same stable Maestro PMS our clients use today with the added benefit of also being a browser-based solution," says President Warren Dehan of Maestro PMS. With the support of Dynamic Yield Management it maximizes rates from all channels with automated controls.

Cloud based Maestro Web service is designed to meet all preferences, where operators can access the system with any browser, including Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. Meanwhile, the users can also operate the web services simultaneously with client and server version of Maestro.