Magna Cashes on Creative Counsel to Set its Footprint in Midwest and West Coast

By CIOReview | Monday, November 9, 2015

PHILADELPHIA, PA: Magna Legal, the lone provider of Trial and Jury Consulting services, announces the successful takeover of Creative Counsel, a Chicago-based trial graphics company. Magna will now be expanding its marketing horizon across Midwest and West Coast by introducing its extensive suite of services to the latter company’s flagship clients.

Creative Counsel, is a firm that offers proprietary Visual Consulting, Exhibit Design and Presentation Technology Support to legal, insurance and corporate clients. The company represents top maestros in visual design, presentation technology and also extends quality services its loyal Fortune 100 client companies.

The purchase marks the apogee of development for the provider of full suite of services in Jury Research, Litigation Graphics, Language Services, Trial Presentation and Court Reporting. The acquisition will help in blooming Magna’s graphics group and strengthening the company’s stand as one of the powerful legal firm.

Leveraging the reputation model of Creative Counsel, Magna will seek to accelerate its development strategy. Magna’s unique service line that expands beyond the graphics technology will enroll a whole new set of configurations for its broad variety of partners. In addition, the latest development will help Magna in retaining the skilled professionals and cream of the crop experts from Creative Counsel.