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Mainline Information Systems Does Its Largest Acquisition to Date with the Purchase of RTP Technology

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Jeff Dobbelaere, VP, Services and Technical Support

Jeff Dobbelaere, VP, Services and Technical Support

Data accumulation is accelerated with the developments such as IoT, social channels and digital economy leaving enterprises to struggle with data storage in terms of growth, utilization, performance, costs, administration, maintenance, back up, data monitoring and many other aspects. The only solution to this struggle with data storage is simplifying enterprise data storage, and leading provider Mainline Information Systems shows its mastery in this space. In the recent development, Mainline Information Systems, a leading national provider of IT solutions and services, has acquired RTP Technology Corporation.  

By announcing the acquisition of RTP Technology Corporation, Mainline extends its services and solutions to clients of both companies with broader access to manufacturers, an extended technical knowledge base and more abundant training opportunities. Also, the acquisition will propel the annual revenue of the combined companies to almost $1B and expand Mainline’s footprint in the financial vertical and New York metropolitan area. 

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The combined organization is bringing two experienced, trusted, and proven executive management teams together, along with a strong pool of expertise that knows how to solve many of the industries' pressing IT initiatives.

Ron Robbins, Founder, and Owner of RTP will continue to lead the newly acquired company as its President under the executive direction of John McCarthy, Mainline’s President, and CEO. The union of the two companies is expected to make an immediate impact creating tremendous momentum with their customer base. “Ron is a 30-year veteran of technology, a friend, and a respected peer. We have known one another, operated in the same space for many years, and the synergy of our two companies is undeniable,” said McCarthy. “As we were researching this opportunity, we were overwhelmed by the positive responses from our clients. That really solidified our decision to move forward.”

Overwhelmed by the positive responses by the clients, Ron Robbins, the Founder and the Owner of RTP said, "Our wide breadth of solutions will enable us to both answer infrastructure needs and deliver hybrid cloud offerings faster, more efficiently, and in the most cost-effective manner possible." Mainline and RTP’s complementary offerings span the technology stacks of industry leaders including IBM, Hewlett Packard, Dell EMC, Cisco, and NetApp.

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