Mainpac Revamps Asset Performance of Enterprises with its Asset Management System

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 15, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Mainpac, a provider of asset management software solutions, enables enterprises to improve return on assets with Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM).

EAM is a modern web based enterprise asset management solution set that supports asset intensive organizations to realize their corporate goals. It helps to extend asset lifecycle, reduce maintenance costs and increase asset availability and operational effectiveness.

Key features of EAM include:

Operational views: segregates and structures asset data to suit an organization’s governance requirements, business rules, operational and financial structures. An operational view may represent a geographical site, business unit, project, policy repository, or another organizational entity requiring its own configuration, data ownership and security.

Operational assets: defines the complete asset record including asset details, specific attributes, usage meters, spares list, cost history and links to full word history.

Work orders: forecasting utilises task frequency rules and work method templates to generate planned maintenance work orders for individual assets, or asset rounds. The core system supports departmental or cost centre budgets, work order cost estimating and actual cost recording.

Labour and Resource Management: provides roster management, authorisations and qualifications management for internal and external customer sites. Labour resources, tools and equipment are allocated to maintenance activities within capacity and compliance constraints.

Criticality Assessment Tool: criticality classifies assets by their impact upon business operation, productivity and profitability, and helps to prioritise resources for critical assets. This tool provides a graphical matrix approach to define asset criticality.

Purchasing: includes management of multi-currency supplier catalogues and supply agreements. Automatic consolidation of requisitions by supplier and integrated receipt and invoice matching processes reduce clerical effort and purchase costs.

Mainpac Reporting: a standard set of customisable reports is available for Mainpac EAM. New ad hoc and ‘saved’ reports can be easily created with the Search and Query feature.

Maintenance Selection Tool: the selection tool builds on the Criticality Assessment Tool to ensure a consistent approach is applied to determining the optimum maintenance strategy for a particular asset, or group of assets.

Mainpac Audit Tool: changes to selected database tables can be tracked with the old and new values and the user’s name logged at the time of the change.

Mainpac Professional Services ensure implementations and training of Mainpac's asset management and business intelligence system to fulfill customer requirements and reflect engineering and industry best practices. The company actively collaborates with research, technology and industry partners on innovative Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and asset intelligence initiatives to further customers’ asset management capabilities and practices.