Maintaining Cloud Security with IAM
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Maintaining Cloud Security with IAM

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Every industry can benefit from cloud computing, whether it's a large company or a small company. Accessibility, flexibility, and reliability have played a large role in its rapid adoption. In addition to bringing many benefits, the cloud environment can expose businesses to various alarming cybersecurity risks.

Fremont, CA: According to a study conducted by Thales and 451 Research, 40% of respondents have experienced a data breach within their cloud environments. Eighty-three percent of businesses fail to encrypt half of their sensitive cloud data. The impact malicious actors can have on these vulnerable organizations is further raised by this situation.

Most IT professionals are concerned about securing sensitive cloud data from unauthorized access. As part of this, employees' accounts need to be secured. In a constantly evolving threat landscape, maintaining user access and identities has become increasingly difficult.

IAM Vital For Cloud Security

Data files and apps containing confidential information are stored within the cloud by business organizations. Data loss and breaches can therefore be prevented by taking preventive measures to secure cloud assets. The most effective way to ensure cloud security is through IAM (Identity and Access Management).

A user's permissions and access to cloud resources are managed by IAM technologies. Further, IAM policies authorize what users can access and do with cloud resources, depending on the consent they attach to them.

Securing the cloud with IAM best practices

The IAM strategy plays a crucial role in protecting cloud assets against privacy invaders in most organizations today. Companies can provide cloud resources and apps to users with the right IAM plan by detecting, authenticating, and authorizing them.

It is still possible for organizations to take advantage of some of the leading cloud IAM practices. IAM practices include the following:

Limit Privileged Accounts

Avoid Using Root Accounts

Avoid Using Root Accounts

Monitor Everything

Perform Regular Audits

Enable Single Sign-On

Business organizations use IAM to ensure complete cloud security by employing policies and multiple verification steps within a specific framework. The cloud network can be controlled in an impressive way with this method. It is possible to detect, manage, and control user identities throughout an entire organization by following the leading practices mentioned above.