Maintenance and Asset Management Takes a New Turn with Autodesk Building Ops
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Maintenance and Asset Management Takes a New Turn with Autodesk Building Ops

By CIOReview | Monday, July 20, 2015

FREMONT, CA:  Integration of Building Information Modeling (BIM) is becoming a very common practice among design and construction professionals worldwide. Capitalizing on this trend, Autodesk— 2D and 3D Design and Engineering launches the Building Ops app, a web and mobile maintenance and asset management software solution.

The application enhances the handover experience by placing the operations data gathered from the BIM-based design and construction project phases into the hands of the team maintaining the building since day one. BIM 360 is construction management software that supports fieldworkers to better anticipate and act, and back office employees to optimize and manage all aspects of construction performance.  

BIM 360 Field extends a rapid migration of relevant documents, models, photographs, and videos. General contractors, mechanical and electrical specialty contractors, and building owner/operators expected to benefit from the solution.

With a turnkey maintenance and asset management solution, Autodesk Building Ops allows owners to begin the operations from first day. By enabling BIM 360 Field, the application puts to use BIM asset data and hands it over to building owners.

Expecting to pave way to extend the value of BIM throughout the entire building lifecycle-from design and construction to operations and maintenance; Autodesk Building Ops also provides various other advantages to the owners as well as contractors. It offers better service warranty requests and reduces expenses from unmaintained equipment also; speedy adoptions with a dashboard interface offers focused, relevant, role-based information to technicians, managers, and occupants.

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