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Major Cities Getting Major Makeovers with IoT

By CIOReview | Friday, March 30, 2018

An integrated approach to technology implementation through digital transformation solution with a focus on smart cities and communities defines the basics of creating smart and engaged communities with IoT. Smart city goals and objectives begin with understanding the demographics, infrastructure, and resources of the area in order to connect cities with IoT.

The smart city concept involves the implementation of communication and IT hardware, software, and services to improve operational efficiency, drive citizen engagement and identify new revenue sources. Sensors and gateways collect data from infrastructure and send it to cloud for the analysis, aggregation, normalization, and interpretation into real-time values.  Designing the network architecture, and on standard data formats and networking protocols for adoption impact the effectiveness of an IoT solution.

IoT technologies applied to resolve energy management issues within connected cities include smart grid technologies, adaptive traffic signals, smart lighting platforms, and smart metering technologies while overcoming a unique range of urbanization challenges in the cities through real-time analytics. Data integrity and device management through analytics services and

Implementation of IoT techniques leads to a revolutionary urbanized modification in public infrastructure aimed at creating smart and engaged communities through the digital transformation of cities, which in turn improves service delivery and emergency response times while also increasing sustainability and security parameters. While IoT does offer unparalleled opportunities to enhance efficiency with its wide range of design options for the system, the significantly limited set of existing open and standardized protocols render its full capitalization on smart city technology.

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