Majority of Americans to Own Atleast One Wearable in One Year: Study

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 3, 2015


BERWYN, PA: TE Connectivity’s latest study reveals that in next one year nearly 76 percent of Americans will be using at least one wearable device. TE Connectivity, a global provider of essentially engineered connectors, sensors and electronic components conducted the survey from January 22 to 25, 2015.

"The wearables market continues to evolve and grow as innovative ways to embed sensors are producing new products at a rapid pace," points out Rob Shaddock, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, TE Connectivity.

Nowadays wearable markets are flourishing with number key factors including both form and function which are being expected in the new devices thus driving users purchase.

When asked about the wearable functionality choices they would make while purchasing a wearable, 49 percent of them suggested increased or longer battery life as the most preferred feature. "As the wearables market grows, we expect battery life and wireless charging to be a pain point. That is why TE is investing and developing technology solutions to explore new methods of device charging without being constrained by traditional plugs and connectors,” notes James O'Toole, President, Communications Solutions segment at TE Connectivity

 Interoperability (43 percent), decreased or light weight (36 percent), learned behavior (30 percent), biometric capabilities (28 percent), and enhanced or jewelry-like design (23 percent) were among the other choices made.

“Our survey results demonstrate that wearables are only effective if they can meet the needs of users without interruption. Wearables should complement your everyday life and remain powered to do so," he continues.