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Make-to-stock over Make-to-order: Improved Efficiency and Effectiveness

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 27, 2019
Charles Phillips, CEO

Charles Phillips, CEO

Infor is a global company offering software solutions to all aspects of a company. Infor designs comprehensive industry suites in the cloud and efficiently deploys technology that brings user experience first, takes full advantage of data science and easily integrates existing infrastructure. More than 68,000 organizations rely on Infor to help mitigate market disruption and achieve digital transformation throughout the business world. The diverse management team of Infor sets a new standard for all more than 17,000 global employees by emphasizing how transparency, collaboration, and accountability foster better business results.

 “Our integrated platform that links financial and operational capabilities enables companies to realize internal improvements as well as enhance their offering to the customer base,” elucidates Charles Phillips, CEO of Infor.

Infor CloudSuiteTM Distribution Enterprise is an extensive, scalable cloud solution especially for larger, global wholesale distributors focused solely on growth, customer engagement, and long-term service demands. It is a multi-site, multi-company, multi-currency, and multi-language solution with technical capabilities ranging from inventory and warehouse management to finance, multi-channel sales orders, purchasing, and value-added services. Infor CloudSuiteTM Field Service is a fully integrated end-to-end software solution offering a sophisticated service-oriented interface and enterprise-wide authentication. It compels field technicians to become trusted consultants, to access critical information, to improve customer service, and loyalty. Infor CloudSuiteTM Financials & Supply Management is an integrated solution for finance and supply management that incorporates modern financial features and functionality with new tools for tracking supplies and streamlining order processes. End-to-end, fully integrated capabilities are designed specifically for existing users.

Infor recently announced that the manufacturer of air distribution products and services, Gilberts Ltd., has deployed Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) to help boost capacity, improve production, and customer service. Gilberts, integrated with Infor CloudSuiteTM Industrial, consider using the application to endorse its initiatives to speed up the customer estimation process, accelerate production, and mitigate inventory. With a 50 percent increase in entry growth rates and orders, Gilberts have already seen benefits. This has, in turn, led to considerably faster quoting, higher capacity, and greater accuracy. This significantly increased level of control and confidence has not only enhanced productivity but also reduced the training in the assessment process to just a few weeks from about six months. With Infor CPQ, it can expand capacity, enhance customer service, and at the same time, cut training and manual processes in gathering complex high volume orders.

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