Manage Your Weight with Latest Update of UP Fitness Tracker

By CIOReview | Monday, July 21, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Jawbone, human-centered wearable technology provider, launches new management features for UP – a fitness tracker that provides user with feedback on activity, calories burned, diet, & sleep, followed by guidelines to achieve the desired goal. UP users can now better manage their weight, sleep and stay fit.

By leveraging the UP Insight Engine, UP’s latest food-tracking interface helps in assessing the foods’ healthiness, assists in logging food and water, and track progress towards target weight. Intelligent guidance regarding the food choices, calorie consumption and weight goals, helps the user to understand the impact of activity and sleep on health. Salient features of the food-tracking interface:

Personalized Food Library: a menu of most frequently eaten foods enables the user to quickly select his choice of food. Its intuitive food database design displays foods that are commonly paired with the items the user is eating.

Access to Restaurant Menus: UP now lists eateries nearby based on user’s location. It then allows to quickly logging menu items. Quick access to menu lets the user instantly select what he is eating and automatically import calorie information when available. At restaurants where there is no nutrition information, the information may have to be fed manually which can be used for future references. Complete restaurant menu database is developed by the company’s data science team after collating data entered from multiple users.

Food Score: Evaluating a dish for its healthiness is easy through UP’s food detail screen. Healthy nutrients are listed for any given item. A new Food Score lets the user to assess the overall healthiness of individual items and full meals. A rolling average of the score can also be seen for the entire day.

Weight Goal: Once the user logs the weight and a personal goal in the app, the progress toward the target can be viewed. It provides timely information about the calories burned versus calories consumed through daily calorie goal.  It also shows the remaining allowance for the day. A progress meter displays the number of calories that have already been consumed every time a new meal has been logged.

The latest release of UP also has new food-specific insights and opt-in “Today I Will” commitments that act as motivation to try original recipes and cultivate new food habits to achieve the desired goals.