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ManageEngine Extends Application Manager Capabilities to Big Data Platforms

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 31, 2016

SAN JOSE, CA:Real-time IT management company, ManageEngine has diversified its application manager capabilities over monitoring solution. The firm is all pepped up to analyze the performance of new big data platforms like Hadoop and Oracle Coherence. This recent development boast operational intelligence of big data platforms to the IT operations teams of the enterprise along with the sensitive applications of business depending on these platforms.

In order to introduce the Application Manager’s latest capabilities to the IT workspace, a three day live event is scheduled from March 29- 31, 2016 which is currently taking place at ‘Strata+Hadoop World 2016’ in San Jose, California.

Organizations continue to recognize and sharpens the efficiency of big data solutions, which resulted in increased usage of data storage and processing platforms in organizational workflow. The rising diversity, complexity and applications scalability taking those big data platforms as their base, underscores the IT teams’ requirement for transparency in the data processing performance to capitalize in the interconnected management challenges. To realize the full potential of the big data investments, enterprises need to understand how ROI generates.

"Monitoring big data systems goes beyond the traditional APM approach and requires a deeper understanding of the entire SaaS stack," says Dev Anand, Product Management Director, ManageEngine. "Backed by our experience with Zoho's online services, we were able to tune Applications Manager to provide insight at the application, database and file levels."

Hadoop is an open-source framework that allows to store and process big data in a distributed environment across hardware clusters. Performance monitoring of Hadoop clusters is boosted by application manager to reduce downtime and performance degradation, it is also  proactively takes the decision before any problem arises. Oracle Coherence is an in-memory grid and distributed caching solution that scales mission-critical applications through enterprises. Analyzed by Applications Manager Oracle Coherence the key performance metrics include those related to clusters, partition assignment, distributed and replicated services, with Extend Connection, Extend Services, and distributed and replicated node memory details.

Additionally, Hadoop and Oracle Coherence monitoring has some other advantages incorporated in the Application Manager such as depending on 360-degree performance view of  Hadoop and Oracle Coherence clusters and associated infrastructure components. It provides proactive alert over error conditions and faults with its diagonosis and solution. The solutions help IT personnel with optimum usage of resources in critical workloads with in-detailed decision on capacity planning.