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ManageMart Launches Field Service Software to Enhance Business Management Marketplace

By CIOReview | Monday, April 25, 2016

ManageMartFREMONT, CA: ManageMart has launched Field Service Software on which they have been working since 2015. This software primarily focuses on providing assistance in the management of the business inventories, along with tracking, billing and other tasks, by fully utilizing the properties of Field Service Software.

“ManageMart wanted to try something new with this Field Service Software which is for services like lawn care, plumbing, Bounce House businesses and more. Anyone familiar with the Software for the field service market will probably have noticed how everyone else seems to have lesser amounts of features, is more expensive and does not integrate as well as this. This is a problem because it doesn’t help run a business effectively enough,” says Paul Zuman, Founder, and CEO, ManageMart.

ManageMart is making sure that the software will totally fulfill the business requirements for what it is designed for. Field Service Software will improve the business paths, money saving strategy, streamlining the whole business according to its needs. The company decided to come up with the software after finding the unavailability of any solution in the market, which can address such issue. The firm crafted a software that can be efficiently operated by any business firm along with saving time in the process.

Paul further added, “Their Company wanted to provide customers a solution having, advanced features, trouble-free business management, improved tracking, renovated cost management and quick payments and billing system”. By building the latest Field Service Software, the firm tries to fulfill the customer’s business needs by mitigating their risk factors. The company did research to realize the core requirements and changing factors of the businesses and after coming into the market, many business firms have implemented their service and management.