Mantis Innovation Launches New Corporate Website to Expand the Brand
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Mantis Innovation Launches New Corporate Website to Expand the Brand

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 10, 2021

Mantis Innovation, a developer of smart, sustainable solutions, has announced the expansion of Mantis brand.

FREMONT, CA: Mantis Innovation, a developer of smart, sustainable solutions to enhance facility performance, announces the next phase of the Mantis brand's evolution. This transformation includes introducing a new corporate website,, that will help future and present clients understand the range and depth of facility performance solutions available. This project underlines Mantis' position as an industry leader and demonstrates the company's dedication to serving the demands of today's organizations seeking managed services to optimize facility performance.

Mantis highlights why facility performance must be addressed with a strategic approach by expanding the brand to cover how today's businesses confront options about becoming more sustainable. From energy procurement, lighting, and HVAC to roofing, walls, and pavement, the new website assists clients in identifying viable options for better controlling their facility operations and cost. Mantis is pleased to address up to 70 percent of a facility's yearly expenditures with its solutions, resulting in average cost savings of 20-30 percent.

The new logo, mission statement, and color scheme highlight the Mantis solutions' undercurrent of technology options and sustainability concern. Mantis has continued to grow its services by acquiring new companies and expanding its energy procurement, facilities management, and energy efficiency solutions. Mantis has upgraded over two billion square feet of facility space.

"The brand updates and new website illustrate the impact of our offerings and our momentum at Mantis Innovation," said Dan Marzuola, CEO of Mantis Innovation. "Our vision is to be North America's leader in delivering smart, sustainable solutions that empower a better world. This vision continues to evolve with the unification and unveiling of the Mantis Innovation brand to better position our solutions in response to how clients are looking for operational support and improvements."

"We're excited about the expansion of our solutions offerings," said Rad Brannan, Chief Strategy and Technology Officer of Mantis Innovation. "Our new tagline, 'Ingenuity Unleashed. Results Delivered.' emphasizes our unique and ingenious approach to solving challenges faced by building owners/operators today. Mantis Innovation remains a premier provider of the facility solutions its divisions are known for, made all the better through this move to unify the experience for our clients."