MapD Announces the Launch of Its GPU Database and Visual Analytics Platform

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 31, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: MapD has announced the launch of its latest visual analytics software platform that queries and visualizes billions of records in a matter of milliseconds powered by Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). The solution unveiled by MapD, a parallel database and visualization systems provider, allows the data analysts to explore humongous data sets at lightning speeds in an interactive manner. Initially funded by GV(formerly known as Google Ventures), the company has also announced the securing of a series ‘A’ funding of $10Mn from an investment syndicate led by Vanedge Capital, Verizon Ventures, and Nvidia Corporation. 

Having found an early traction across a wide array of big data use cases that have included log analytics, BI, social media analytics, and GIS, MapD’s products have been adopted by Fortune 500 companies across domains like telecom, retail, finance, and advertisement technology. The MapD database runs atop GPU accelerators and offers its clients with 100X speedups on their database workloads.

Customers using MapD’s products will be able to analyze and interact with data at turbo-speeds completing Analytics processes in milliseconds. “MapD's orders-of-magnitude speed advantage will be hugely beneficial to industries and organizations where real-time decision making is critical,” says Todd Mostak, Founder and CEO, MapD. This significant reduction in the duration involved in crunching data on database workloads would enable the clients with more time for mission critical analysis and real-time decision making.

MapD’s database is now available for deployment and is often combined with immerse integrated visualization platform for an on-premise or cloud deployment via IBM Softlayer or Amazon AWS. The company wants to focus on integrated end-to-end visual analytics with use cases that involve complex queries being run against huge datasets in milliseconds.