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Maplesoft Releases New Mathematical Computing Software

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 22, 2016

WATERLOO, CA: Maplesoft- a subsidiary of Cybernet Systems and provider of high-performance software tools releases its flagship product, Maple, the mathematical computing software for education, research, and development involving mathematics and engineering.

 Maple includes a powerful new infrastructure for accessing, working with, and visualizing millions of data sets. Customers can now easily access time series data sets from finance, economics, and demographics, such as current data on stocks and commodities, foreign exchange rates, macroeconomic data on labor market indicators and population statistics. All data, whether it is built into Maple or available through a connection with Quandl, an online provider of curated data from hundreds of sources, can be seamlessly searched, downloaded, and used inside Maple. Customers can use the powerful computation and data visualization tools in Maple 2015 to investigate trends, analyze, filter, and visualize results using a wide variety of techniques, and build applications based on the data.

Also, Maple 2015 includes many other advances in both its computation engine and interface: Many new facilities for application development, including more customizations for one-step app creation, new microphone and speaker components, and support for programmatic content creation; expanded support for statistics education, including new tutors, palettes, and Math Apps designed explicitly for teaching and learning statistics; Online sharing of Maple documents and interactive applications through the MapleCloud, which is now accessible through web browsers.