MapQuest Introduces New APIs, SDKs for Better Developer Experience and Newer Market Opportunities

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 14, 2015

FREMONT, CA: MapQuest, a navigation software solutions provider, updates its MapQuest Developer suite with important updates including standardized API Web Service documentation for an enhanced developer experience.

MapQuest developer is a suite of solutions and products offering tools, resources and expertise needed to build geospatial solutions across web, mobile web, native mobile and desktop. The latest update comprises of a new developer blog, developer portal and a developer geospatial toolkit that includes mobile-first APIs and SDKs, reports Mark Boyd for Programmable Web.

Other key strategy initiatives include a self-start storefront with a vision of making APIs available to developers in less than three minutes, business tools targeting new market entry products using MapQuest APIs, and partnership with Mapbox to utilize their basemap, satellite imagery and terrain tools.

MapQuest offers the ability for Developers, Startups, and Small Businesses to sign up for a monthly paid subscription that goes beyond the 15,000 transactions/month. The paid subscription plans offer access to all APIs and SDKs included in geospatial toolbox without the need to contact an account manager during business hours.

The company’s VP of Product and Design, Nate Abbott, believes that digital mapping tools have been rapidly growing in recent times and feels extremely good to be present in the geospace.

“We are huge believers in sample applications,” says Brad Maglinger, CMO, MapQUest. “For example, we have a simple way to create a store locator. And we have a mash-up of traffic and incidents mapping that could be used in a family-friendly kids’ transport app,” says Maglinger.