MapR Converged Data Platform Accessible from CenturyLink Cloud

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 3, 2016

FREMONT, CA: MapR Technologies, the provider of converged data platform, has announced that their product — MapR Converged Data Platform can now be availed from CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace. The joint users of MapR and CenturyLink will be able to swiftly and simply deploy a cloud configuration leveraging Hadoop, Spark and various big data tools to manage, analyze and work on data in real-time by operating on CenturyLink’s new Blueprint for MapR.

CenturyLink Cloud Blueprint includes server provisioning, OS, software configuration, and application installation. The CenturyLink’s software for orchestration simplifies the deployment process, reduces the cost of operational support, and fastens the implementation time. Joint clients are now enabled to deploy MapR configuration in the cloud easily.

Successful production is ensured through MapR Converged Data Platform that offers benefits like architecture made particularly for business-critical applications, consistent data integration and access, along with the ability to execute operational and analytical processing through a single platform. MapR has collaborated with various cloud service providers. In addition, CenturyLink, the platform is also accessible from Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, Azure Marketplace and Google Compute Platform.

“We’re excited about the value MapR brings to our customers with its converged data management platform – packaging open-source technologies like Spark and Hadoop into an enterprise-ready solution. It’s easy for CenturyLink users to get started with new open-source technologies on the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace, and MapR is a great example of our growing software ecosystem,” says David Shacochis, Vice President of Platform Enablement, CenturyLink.

“We are pleased to now offer the MapR Converged Data Platform through the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace,” says Steve Wooledge, Vice President, Product Marketing, MapR Technologies.