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MapR Launches Avant-garde Converge Partners Global Program

By CIOReview | Monday, June 27, 2016
Jack Norris, CMO, MapR.

Jack Norris, CMO, MapR.

SAN JOSE, CA:  MapR Technologies, a prominent provider of Converged Data Platform, announces the MapR Converge Partners global program that will enable its partners to jointly deliver outstanding customer experiences and suffice the increasing demand for the MapR platform. In essence, the program provides three tiers—Affiliate, Preferred, and Elite. Strikingly, the new program is all set to focus on nurturing alliances worldwide with select consultancies; platform and software providers, resellers, and distributors. In addition, a full suite of technical and go-to-market resources necessary to deliver the services will be allotted to the partners.

MapR enables clients to create disruptive advantage and long-term value from their data with its Converged Data Platform delivering distributed processing, real-time analytics, and enterprise-grade requirements across cloud and on-premise environments. “The MapR Data Platform is a modern, true read-write capable, NFS-mountable distributed file-system written in C++ that directly accesses storage hardware—dramatically improving performance and ease of administration. It is also built to process both distributed files and database tables in one unified layer,” says Jack Norris, CMO, MapR.

The company’s new program is designed to help partners leverage production-ready converged data solutions for enabling their customers’ mission-critical, global real-time applications. The benefits include world-class enablement and strategic support with marketing and sales alignment for maximum joint Return on Investments (ROI). The Affiliate level is for the new partners with proven industry expertise and the Preferred Level is set for the established partners with regional presence. Companies with significant global presence and a proven MapR track record would reap the Elite Level. 

The MapR Converged Data Platform primarily offers real-time database capabilities, global event streaming, and scalable enterprise storage to power a new generation of big data applications. The solution ensures production success with an architecture designed specifically for business-critical applications meanwhile assuring enterprise grade security and reliability.