MapR Ships Converged Data Platform in One Unified Cluster

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 9, 2016

San Jose, CA: MapR Technologies, Inc., provider of converged data platform, announced the launch of the MapR Converged Data Platform with new security, data governance and performance enhancements. The MapR Platform is uniquely architected to converge Hadoop with Spark, web-scale storage, NoSQL, and streaming capabilities into one unified cluster. This enables the customers to deploy real-time global data applications with unprecedented scale and flexibility.

The MapR Converged Data Platform gives customers new big data capabilities across MapR Streams, MapR-DB, and MapR-FS. From powerful security and data governance, to optimal Docker support and extreme performance, MapR continues to develop its platform for today’s business-critical environments.

When focusing on security of big data, Access control expressions (ACEs) simplify the granting of permissions to users and groups across data files and directories using Boolean expressions. This provides the security administration the ability to be more scalable and manageable. ACEs provide added protection for data files in MapR Volumes, and greater multi-tenancy controls to guarantee that data is only available to specific groups. It is beneficial in hosted customer-facing SaaS applications to prevent the client from accessing another customer’s information. Selective auditing provides flexibility to track only the required activities to audit and/or analyze, giving flexibility in auditing while optimizing system performance. MapR also leverages Apache Myriad to create extended multi-tenant environment.

“MapR is leading the industry with the only data platform that converges Hadoop with Spark, storage, NoSQL, and very fast streaming capabilities on one unified cluster, “said Robin Bloor, Chief Analyst, Bloor Group. “This enables MapR customers to transform how they do business by providing the foundation for creating global real-time data applications that can lead to a significant competitive advantage."

With MapR Converged Data Platform, customers can gain a strong competitive advantage with real-time capabilities to process and analyze data instantly. This will direct the teams on delivering business insights, and not managing network infrastructure.”An independent research firm performed benchmark testing on MapR Streams and confirmed over 18 million messages/second performance with over 3.5GB/sec throughput. MapR-DB, now with native JSON support, is performance optimized for SSDs with highly parallelized I/O access to NoSQL data for real-time operations.