MapR: The New Big Data Platform of Altitude Digital

By CIOReview | Friday, July 10, 2015

SAN JOSE, CA: Altitude Digital, provider of video and mobile advertising technology, has selected MapR Big Data Analytics to run their business and to manage data holistically.

MapR Technologies, a California-based company Big Data analytics company; provide Altitude Digital with a centralized data repository based on the MapR-DB NoSQL database that serves multiple departments, driving efficiency and competitive advantage. It is used to add real-time, operational analytics capabilities to Hadoop. The use of NoSQL addresses two critical data architecture requirements, scalability to deal with the increasing volumes and velocity of your data, and flexibility to store the variety of useful data types and formats.

“MapR-DB NoSQL database table replication is a powerful feature that enables real-time, bi-directional updates across data centers at scale. We use table replication for discovery and real-time notifications, giving our business a competitive advantage,” says Manny Puentes, CTO, Altitude Digital.

With MapR in place, Altitude Digital can focus on developing the solutions that will differentiate their business. Rather than spending time building its big data infrastructure, the company has its developers focusing on building business optimization strategies that will deliver the right advertising solutions.

Commenting on the selection, Jack Norris, CMO, MapR Technologies, says, “MapR provides innovative solutions and reliable support. Now, Altitude Digital can cost-effectively provide real-time video services to customers and focus on continuously growing and developing new business solutions.”

Another benefit from the MapR Distribution is its architecture, including built-in NFS support. Without requiring to hire specialized talent to manage a big data platform, Altitude Digital can now rely on its existing resources to maintain volumes of data processed through the sophisticated advertising system.