MapR to Provide Converged Data Services

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 10, 2016

San Jose, CA: The converged data platform provider, MapR Technologies, Inc., recently announced new advances for containers including persistent storage and integrated resource management. Now, organizations can rely on the big data platform that lets them easily run containerized applications such as Docker. Enterprises are seeking new ways to deploy Docker containers to go beyond transient, stateless, containerized applications, distributed persistent storage.

The MapR Converged Data Platform acts as a comprehensive data services layer for Docker containers. MapR Platform now includes Apache Myriad that removes barriers between resources managed by Hadoop YARN and Apache Mesos. Many containerized operational applications require a platform that provides distributed, resilient storage for these containers along with the database, messaging and streaming capabilities. MapR platform addresses all these needs to various organizations.

Most of the enterprises these days want to run data-intensive workloads on the container technology. But containers are not designed to be determined key requirement for any data-intensive workload. These containers fail to save the data, if the server is moved or its connection is failed. The new MapR POSIX Client uniquely presents a fully distributed, secure, reliable, read-write file system to Docker containers. This lets organizations deploy data-oriented applications in Docker with the assurance that critical data will be determined across application or server failures.

MapR gives a resilient storage layer for Docker containers, ensuring the data is saved when containers or servers crash. This represents a new modern data architecture that gives enterprises flexibility and scale to deploy an inter-operating network of computing technologies. With MapR, organizations get key components of the Zeta Architecture, including a distributed file system, real-time storage, a pluggable compute model, as well as dynamic and global resource management. Together with Docker and Myriad, the MapR Platform comprehensively supports a variety of solution architectures and enterprise applications that work together. This is an ideal implementation model that captures the importance of containerization.