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Maptek Sets a New Dimension to its Workbench Platform with the Release of Vulcan 10

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Maptek Workbench platform to offer enhanced user experienceFREMONT, CA: Focusing on the development of world mining industry and offering innovative technical solutions, Maptek incorporated the new Vulcan 10 software. It deals with the aspect of processing technical data, using advanced tools across critical modeling, planning and design operations. The software integrates with the Maptek Workbench platform to offer enhanced user experience in development and delivery of products and services.

“Designing a new platform presents a host of challenges that need to be considered. One of the issues Maptek faced was resolving how mature products interact with new products and ensure an auditable data flow across mine processes,” states Peter Johnson, CEO, Maptek.

The Vulcan 10 includes new automated pit designer, grade control, variogram analysis, implicit modeling, along with Vulcan data analyzer, uniform conditioning and many more. Compared to Vulcan 9.1, the updated version will provide improved additional support for multi-threaded processors. It also features better handling of block model scripts, larger scripts with faster calculations. Implicit modeling can now be implemented via GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) for accelerated computation or with the process of CPU estimation. The Block model attribute importing has also been upgraded, facilitating a faster and intelligent process of assigning values into block models. To complete the process of estimations faster for some parameters, GPU acceleration has been included in the Vulcan 10 grade estimation tools. A new threaded sequential Gaussian simulation module utilizes the modern multi-core CPUs to accelerate simulations.

The new automated pit designer for creating mineable pit shells enhances the level of sophistication and efficiency in engineering tasks. Pit models are the dynamic agents in the planning process as the optimized block models are transformed into realistic mine design contours in a matter of seconds. The contours can also be applied to further design work or developing long-term schedules.

“The flexible new interface comes into its own in a multi-screen environment. Docking database and design windows side-by-side allows interactive editing and viewing, with easy access to text, csv and script editing apps,” adds Johnson.