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Marchex Announces New Integration with Adobe Media Optimizer to Boost ROI on Mobile Advertising

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 24, 2016

100 percent keyword attributionSEATTLE, WA: The mobile advertising analytics company, Marchex, has moved a step forward in the realm of marketing, by announcing a new integration with Adobe Media Optimizer. This integration will offer 100 percent keyword attribution for calls placed directly from paid search ads for an unlimited number of keywords and any campaign structure. This will further boost better return on advertising spend for enterprise search marketers that rely upon inbound phone calls to drive sales.   

Today’s marketing sector finds scores of advertisers spending billions each year on mobile advertising—without having the tools or the technology to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns. Seattle, WA, based Marchex takes this challenge head-on and provides cutting-edge solutions that deliver visibility to marketers on inbound phone calls from mobile and online ad campaigns.

Through its analytics platform, Marchex enables marketers to measure the real-time frequency of customer phone calls. “This ability to make a phone call from a smartphone in convenient and efficient for the consumer, which is why this is so important for the marketers to measure,” says Pete Christothoulou, CEO, Marchex.

A core ingredient of the technology is Marchex Call DNA, the only conversational analytics technology to visually map, classify, and score every phone call automatically without any intervention of humans. “Through Call DNA, we are able to determine which calls convert into sales and which don’t,” affirms Chistothoulou.

The company’s collaboration with Adobe Media Optimizer will chiefly meet the needs of enterprise marketers with massive keyword lists and complex campaign structures. “This partnership will enhance the effectiveness of automated paid search bidding,” says Nilesh Dhawale, Senior Product Manager at Marchex.

On the other hand, Adobe Media Optimizer offers a programmatic ad-buying solution that helps enterprises forecast the best mix of search, display and social ads based on the budget. It also automates the execution of media plan and helps find the best way to deliver relevant content to the high-value audiences.