Marchex Call DNA revamped with Major Upgrades

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Pete Christothoulou, CEO, Marchex

Pete Christothoulou, CEO, Marchex

SEATTLE, WA. : In a major announcement made, a mobile advertising analytics company, Marchex , rolled out the new upgrades of Call DNA which analyzes consumer experience based on a phone call. The solution of Call DNA is considered as the primary automated resolution for call analysis.

With the new upgradation of Call DNA, the conversations are being indentified very clearly and securely so that the missed critical points can be revealed to grab them. Also optimizing media solutions come into action with new enhancements for the sales and market executives. The critical points and defining moments during a marketing call are demarked by this new solution so that marketers can generate more phone sales. The use of call DNA has extended to enterprise marketers through Marchex Search analytics which profited on paid search advertising by 20percent. “Call DNA provides insights that automatically identify the value of a call to our customers.” “The flexibility of the Marchex platform enables solutions like ours to drive value at scale,” said Melissa Sinclair, Lead Integrations Manager at Promax, an automotive marketing services company.

Various new capabilities of call DNA comprise of Transcription and Keyword Spotting, Highest Accuracy, and Built-In Security. These three capabilities take the customer experience analytics solution to the next echelon.  “As the leading call analytics platform, our audio team is able to train Call DNA on literally hundreds of millions of conversations between businesses and consumers,” said Jason Flaks, Director of Product Engineering at Marchex.

Transcription and word spotting enables marketers to identify loopholes in the calls by getting the full transcription of the calls with the customer, plus highest accuracy is acquired as Call DNA uses voice stream pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms. In addition to it, it constitutes the in-built security unlike other traditional call analytics as Marchex is the only call analytics provider which has in-built accuracy and security. “Our ability to automatically identify new insights for businesses will improve as our dataset grows, and we are continually releasing enhancements to the product,” said Flaks.