Maritz Motivation Collaborated With Fintech Startup Bumped To Lead The Loyalty Industry 'Beyond Rewards.
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Maritz Motivation Collaborated With Fintech Startup Bumped To Lead The Loyalty Industry 'Beyond Rewards.

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Together, Maritz Motivation and Bumped will enable Fortune 500 companies to provide fractional shares of stock to their consumers as part of their loyalty and rewards programs.

Fremont, CA: Customer relationship management (CRM) initiatives were reportedly described as failures in generating money a few years ago, and the strategy was believed to be declining. But the journey for CRM software isn't ended yet. Businesses are rethinking and reevaluating CRM initiatives in light of the rise of social media and smartphones. Sales and marketing landscapes are evolving to reflect changes in consumer behavior. CRM developments will undoubtedly alter how companies interact with their clients. However, a successful CRM requires adherence to best practices and ongoing innovation regardless of the technical landscape.

Maritz Motivation, a market leader in consumer and channel loyalty, launched a new partnership with Bumped, a finance startup that enables brands to reward their customers in stock. Maritz Motivation is the first loyalty channel provider to offer stock rewards through Bumped's platform. The company plans to continue moving the industry beyond traditional rewards and into the next generation of loyalty programs.

Maritz Motivation, with a long history and proven track record of revolutionizing the loyalty market, is the first supplier to introduce a new reward category of stock rewards to the sector. Maritz Motivation has led the market and altered how Fortune 500 consumer businesses approach client loyalty for the past 125 years.

Maritz Motivation and Bumped, when combined, will enable consumer companies to reward their customers in fractional shares of stock, democratizing the stock market and increasing financial equity.

With over 48 trillion dollars in unspent loyalty points globally, it is apparent that there is a chance to improve the old transactional loyalty model and create the larger results and behaviors that companies seek. According to recent data, 45 percent of loyalty program accounts are inactive, meaning users are not tracking, redeeming, or engaging with the program.

To capture the attention of modern consumers, organizations must rethink their loyalty programs and seek new rewards that provide customers with greater meaning and value beyond a transaction. According to a recent Bumped poll, approximately 90% of customers believe ownership is more thrilling than typical rewards like points, cash-back, and air miles.