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Marketing Automation: Invigorating Business Excellence

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Marketing automation software platforms and technologies designed for digital marketing are known for enabling corporates and companies to more efficiently market on various channels online and automate repetitive chores. Generating and nurturing leads is now made easy. Read on!

Complexities of a buyer increases as new marketing channels get introduced. Marketers have to juggle among multiple tools and software suites to interact with their audiences. They have to identify and generate leads, nurture them, and pass the sales-ready ones to the sales team. This switch-tasking can be made productive, with new tools added to the tech stack, which ultimately leads to frankenstack phenomenon. To be efficient, an application allows engaging with audience across different platforms through a single suite of applications.

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By integrating with other tools from marketing stack like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), gaining a cohesive view of your audience and guiding leads through the marketing funnel seamlessly, is no more a hypothesis. Implementing marketing automation software is a significant undertaking. Getting a successful buy-in from marketers, salespeople, and integrating the marketing automation platform into existing marketing tech suite are two difficulties that need to be overcome. Although modern marketing automation platforms are intuitive and easy to practice, their implementation and configuration could be quite an effort-intensive.

There are many benefits of marketing automation. Marketing Automation improves productivity and makes things efficient. Automating repetitive yet critical marketing workflows improves organizational productivity. It also enables lead nurturing. Emails can be sent out periodically, ensuring that the prospects remember the dealer and also allow guiding them through the purchase journey. Personalization is an essential aspect of lead nurturing. More data helps in understanding the audience better, and marketing automation provides sophisticated reports. Real-time campaign data helps in analyzing the impact created in the minds of the buyers and map progress; it increases revenue, as well. This helps in making tweaks and optimizing market campaign along the way.

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Amidst lead nurturing and contributing to brand-new closing deals, marketing automation also helps you maintain existing clients by identifying cross-selling and up-selling possibilities. The right marketing automation software will increase organizations productivity. By automating marketing workflow,  revenue can be boosted, eventually.

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