Matrix IT Enhances TRACTUS with RFID Data Capture

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 30, 2015

BROOKFIELD, WI: Matrix IT, Medical Tracking Systems, provider of the software and hardware to manage the operating room inventory, has enhanced UDI sterile field inventory tracking solution, TRACTUS.

It is a widespread, fully integrated hardware and software solution, which offers rapid and accurate UDI tracking and documentation in the sterile field of the operating room (OR).

With the addition of Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) data capture and several product enhancements, like inventory tracking and advanced decoding algorithm, TRACTUS can now integrate with any health or inventory management system in a hospital. Due to this advancement, the unit can now capture implants and inventory in any machine readable (AIDC) format and intelligently attach the items to the patient’s electronic health record (EHR). It enables generation of automated inventory usage and users can sent this directly to key stakeholders, like medical device manufacturers.

Other prominent features of the TRACTUS platform are it scans data matrix codes as small as 0.25mm^2* from medical devices if they’re a “B” grade or better and codes as large as 125mm^2* can also be scanned. It is also capable of scanning all major code formats, and has a fully functional API and data communication protocol allowing for integration with existing supply chain management platforms.

By using TRACTUS, one can easily track surgeon, and staff performance. It has multilingual support and has the ability to authenticate and ascertain a verifiable chain of custody and tissue pedigree.

Apart from this, the TRACTUS software is also updated, which enables the positional placement of utilized inventory to a specific region or part of the human body. This advancement improves the FDA’s UDI compliance requirement and delivers stakeholders with a practical and valuable resource for enhanced care.