Maxim Integrated Showcases Integrated Analog Solutions for Embedded Applications

By CIOReview | Friday, March 6, 2015

SAN JOSE, CA: Maxim Integrated, a company that manufactures and sells analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits unveils its analog integrated solutions for embedded applications in 3 specific fields in order to enable system engineers simplify the process involved in designing.  The demo fields include: industrial power; industrial interface; and signal chain.

Industrial Power

Step-down regulators called as buck converters offer efficient internal switching elements, high switching frequencies, power savings and low costs. Maxim Himalaya regulators (MAX17552, MAX15062 and MAX17501/MAX17502/MAX17503/MAX17504/MAX17505) provide latest switching technology for in-circuit operation. These step-down DC-DC regulators are cooler, simpler, smaller devices and reduce design complexity, manufacturing risks and time to market.

The Maxim Himalaya series MAX17503/MAX17504/MAX17505 step-down switching regulators handles input voltage of up to 60V and providing output currents up to 3.5A.

Industrial Interface

The MAX66242 DeepCover SHA-256 Secure Authenticator is a symmetric key based authenticator that combines a wireless NFC/RFID interface with an i2c Interface. Designers can collect data from portable devices even when the main energy source is not working. It enables wireless, contactless communication between a host and slave device.

The MAX66300 is the HF RFID transceiver IC with SHA-256 engine for secure challenge response authentication. It combines a highly integrated RFID reader for contactless communication at 13.56 MHz and a SHA-256 secure authenticator coprocessor.

The MAX1826 transceiver is suitable for IO-Link devices and 24V binary sensors. It ensures robust communication with IO-Link sensors and actuators. It supports all specified IO-Link data rates, integrates multiple protection solutions and is suitable for Industry 4.0 applications.

Signal Chain

The MAX1130 is the high voltage mixed signal I/O device that integrates a PIXI, 12-bit multichannel analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and Digital-to-Analog converter (DAC), buffered DAC in a single Integrated circuit (IC). It is a 20-port programmable mixed I/O signal that handles voltage ranges from -10V to +10V.

The MAX11905 is a 20-bit, 1.6Msps, single-channel, fully differential Successive Approximation Register (SAR) ADC with internal reference buffers.  It saves power and space with THD of -123dB at 10 KHz.

The MAX11270 is a 24-bit DC that offers highest Signal-to-Nose ratio (SNR) and lowest power to its class. It is a 24-bit delta-sigma ADC that provides flexible voltage range and high resolution for instrumentation applications. It is suitable for process control, Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), medical instrumentation and battery-powered devices.