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MDSi Plans to Launch Acuity; the Revamped Version of PACT System

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Steve Hyser, EVP of Sales, MDSi

Steve Hyser, EVP of Sales, MDSi

ALPHARETTA, GA: With MDSi’s recent announcement to release the newest version of PACT system, termed Acuity, enterprises will be able to see and administer the complete lifecycle of their IT hardware assets. MDSi provides tailored-made solutions for telecom, cable, and data center infrastructure environments; and Acuity is their online software platform. MDSi’s latest move will implicate in maximizing capital cost avoidance.

Steve Hyser, EVP of Sales, MDSi says, “MDSi harvests existing assets, confirms and sets proper inventory levels to support the business. PACT allows engineers and field technicians the ability to order with ease and without thinking of price or availability because those rules are defined in the background. All parties gain visible access to information required to assess and track existing equipment to determine hardware viability and best-use within the organization.”

Acuity analyzes and furnishes an enterprise’s real-time data so as to figure out when to purchase, sell, deploy, repair, or recycle the assets tied in a company, while maintaining a centralized visibility of those assets. MDSi makes use of customer’s internal supply-chain methodologies to develop, implement, and support processes that helps in customer’s growth with cost-avoidance strategies.

With this move, organizations are bestowed with the capability to conduct “Triage at the Edge” on site to instantly determine whether an asset should be redeployed to another location, kept as a spare, or routed to disposal. The estimation is made based on their own specific parameters.

 “Traditionally, 25-50% of assets that are harvested, or decommissioned, have no value in the field and need to be scrapped,” exclaims Shannon Payne, Vice President of Operations, MDSi. “With Acuity and ‘Triage at the Edge,’ businesses stand to reap substantial savings from forgoing transportation of these assets to another site for processing.”

The revamped version has various offerings in store for engineers as well, allowing them to concentrate on planning and designing instead focusing on the supply-chain matters. The interface offers deployable assets only to engineers, and with the point-and-click option they can easily create their bill of materials and assign assets to multiple install sites.