Measures to Enhance IoT Devices Security
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Measures to Enhance IoT Devices Security

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 19, 2018

IoT has spread its reach not just in industries but also into the homes of human beings. It seems that these devices have provided a lot of comfort by leveraging remote access, to humans and allowing them to operate anything just through smartphones and controllers. The existence of IoT is digitalizing every aspect of life which now also gives rise to the question of security.

Use of connected devices has benefitted cybercriminals as well. Hackers and crackers can easily breach into the storage and manipulate and steal the data which can be further utilized for other criminal activities. Some of the basic and obvious steps have been listed below that one can apply to secure the IoT devices.

1. Passwords: The most basic and well know measure but many folks do not focus over it and do not change their default passwords. Even if they do it is highly predictable as names and dates of birth are used as passwords. A strong password must be a combination of lowercase, uppercase, special characters and numerals making it hard for anyone to guess or crack. Also, length plays important in setting up a strong password.

2. Pre-purchase Research: Before purchasing any IoT device people must check whether it comes with inbuilt security or not. It does have the latest firmware and software to combat attacks and also upgradable.

3. Update: As the attacks and threats are getting advanced the security must also be updated to fight against them. Companies manufacturing IoT devices launch their security updates at regular intervals. These updates must be applied to the IoT devices timely.

4. Restricted Access: Key personnel of organizations must restrict the access of IoT devices to the minimum required. The greater the number of access more will be the chance of a security breach. Limited access does not allow unauthorized users to use the network keeping it free for devices to communicate and also it is easier to track the breach if it happens.

5. Separating the IoT: A separate network must be set up for just IoT devices apart from the main network. This will also mitigate the risks of a breach. Also even if the IoT network gets disrupted the attacker will not be able to get hands on the main network and the crucial data stored in it.

6. Guard the Critical Data: Every enterprise has some crucial data that cannot be comprised at any cost. For such data, an extra layer of security such as two-step verification must be considered and IoT devices connected with this data network should also be included in the extra layer of security.

7. Learn from The Past: Unfortunately, if any organization faces cyber attack, they must learn from the attack and analyze the weak points of their security. With the help of IT and networking team, they should patch up the holes and develop much robust system against the threats.

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