Media Trust's Threat Intelligence Feed is now Available on ThreatStream's App Store

By CIOReview | Monday, December 21, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Digital transformation is helping the companies to identify the gaps between where they are now and where they need to be. Despite from modernizing and improving the use of traditional technologies in the businesses, it is paving the way to huge vulnerabilities and new forms of threats to the enterprises. In order to protect their assets from these threats, companies need to adopt new innovations where they gain insight about various cyber attacks, identify them and make necessary actions accordingly. ThreatStream, an enterprise-class threat intelligence platform, announces that it is adding The Media Trust’s “Digital Threat Intelligence” to its Alliance of Preferred Partners (APP) Store to enable its customers with real-time security. The threat intelligence feed from The Media Trust- an online and mobile advertising ecosystems threat analyzer cum protector, provides comprehensive threat and vulnerability data for the organizations to enhance protection against cyber attacks.

Currently many organizations and government agencies are thriving for a threat intelligence system to track the data threats and vulnerabilities over their digital assets that are disrupting the organization’s growth in some or the other way and affecting its reputation as well. The digital threat intelligence feed identifies the vulnerabilities from the most frequently visited websites and mobile apps by the employees in the organization that are usually propagated through digital advertisements and third-party code and generates the threat intelligence data which is used to mitigate the cyber breaches.

By adding Digital Threat Intelligence feed to its APP Store, ThreatStream enables its customers to have real-time qualitative and quantitative information about the malware attacks and enable them to have the highly protected digital assets. The feed empowers the IT security teams to protect site visitors and employees from everyday malware attacks and to augment anti-virus capabilities with real time malware issues. These teams can now conduct IP analysis and secure their networks by blocking unwanted domains and IP addresses.

“The Media Trust is thrilled to be integrated with ThreatStream and provide their extensive user base access to real-time, original source, accurate data on malware threats actively attacking websites and mobile apps," said Chris Olson, The Media Trust's CEO and co-founder. "The ability to identify and terminate threats executing on the world's largest, most heavily-trafficked websites—regularly accessed by employees—is critical to securing the enterprise. Integrating The Media Trust's Digital Threat Intelligence into ThreatStream Optic will provide enterprises with the tactical information they need to protect their networks, digital properties and the everyday Internet activity of employees."