MediaNet Software launches a new corporate group SNGULAR

By CIOReview | Friday, February 26, 2016

FREMONT, CA: MediaNet Software, a Spanish Information Technology and Consultancy firm has taken a leadership role in the creation and launch of a corporate group SNGULAR. The group brings together many firms that include MediaNet Software, BillionLabs, Trecone, Sngular Meaning, Walnuters, HealthyTech, and Singular People. The group’s mission will be enabling innovation and technology initiatives that make an impact on people with talent and passion for technology.

MediaNet will remain as a company and brand. The company brand will be used for software development services and management services in the cloud / DevOps. However, the user experience area will be renamed, and some of the other brands will be adapting ‘Sngular’ to make it easier to identify the area of expertise: for example, Daedalus changed its name to Sngular Meaning, but will still keep their brands such as Stilus and MeaningCloud. Other brands will be including a sub-name of the service, as in the case of BillionLabs the name is now changed to Sngular eCommerce. Trecone will also keep its name for its mobile applications in the markets, adding Trecone Sngular Apps.

The group was formed from different organizations, without incorporating new financial partners or temporary partners. Therefore, shareholders and employees will remain members of the respective group companies.

Talking about the leadership, JLVallejo will continue to be the CEO of the group and will remain CEO of MediaNet, where David Sanchez continues as Managing Director, Enrique Goizueta in International Development and Cesar Camargo as the global CTO. The remaining companies will maintain their respective leaderships: José Carlos Gonzalez as CEO at Singular Meaning, Manuel Diaz as CEO at Trecone, Farid Fleifel as CEO and David Fernandez as CTO at BillionLabs and Evaristo Nogales as the CEO of Walnuters…

For Sngular Group, Evaristo will act as the Chief Marketing Officer along with Emilio Calvo as Chief Digital Officer, and Carlos Guardiola as the Chief Innovation Officer. Jose Antonio Gallego also joined the Group to lead the new business unit called Sngular People Tools. Other partners and specialized consultants will join the group gradually.